SKILL – Special Force 2

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SKILL – Special Force 2 – free online tactical first-person shooter game with high dynamics, good graphics and multiple game modes. The main advantage SKILL 2 that there is the best of similar games, and virtually nothing superfluous. For fans of the genre will be pleased to see the game in about 30 types of weapons, as well as many other different buns. Back in September 2013 the game was only 8 game cards, and while writing the review – more than 20. Added several game modes: 2 cards PvE combat (fight monsters), and a special mode command command (where players are one of the teams playing for the aliens). For MMOFPS genre is especially important that the game does not freezes because primetime online usually high. In SKILL – Special Force 2 with this no problem. In the main lobby of the player chooses a server comes in one of the rooms (or creates its own) and get positive emotions from action that gives us SKILL – Special Force 2.

gamesWhat will be interesting SKILL – Special Force 2 player
Despite the large number of similar shooters, each player has a reason why he chooses a game. SKILL – Special Force 2 is primarily interesting because it is a new project that is constantly working to improve the game. In addition, there is a huge selection of weapons and various other “buns” (grenades, gas masks, armbands, costumes) that make the game more spectacular.

Game as close to reality. We can choose one of six elite special forces, analogues of which exist in the real world. The game take place in Central Asia, and can play both Russian and for Americans or Britons.

SKILL – Special Force 2 review groups:

  • Spetsnaz – Russian special operations unit. Solid guys who takes a special job for exploration, combat operations, and combating terrorism.
  • Delta Force – a special Airborne detachment of U.S. troops, which is engaged in freeing the hostages outside the country. In addition, Delta Squad known struggle with illegal transportation of nuclear weapons.
  • SAS – Special Air Service of the British armed forces. Main objectives – military intelligence, special operations behind enemy lines (the release of hostages, sabotage, and so on).
  • GAFE – a special unit of the armed forces of Mexico, where the most experienced instructors. Regular staff – these are young men who are willing to perform the most dangerous assignments and more experienced teams who run undercover operations.
  • UDT – U.S. Marines – a team of professionals who specialize in sweeping coastal and district. Perfect weapon for training paratroop landings in the coastal areas of enemy positions.
  • GIGN – elite French gendarmes involved in the protection of high officials, important release of hostages and the fight against terrorism.

Selecting special forces not be postponed on the characteristics of your character. Will change only the appearance of the hero.


The main idea of the game – players carve into two teams (good and bad). Structure of the game depends on the game mode, which in the game somewhat. In SKILL can play online with other players, because it’s a multiplayer game. Fight takes place on one of the cards in the following modes:

  • Single – mode in which it does not matter what team you play. There are no allies, only enemies. Mode, where every soldier for himself. The player with the most points (kills) in the allotted time.
  • Team match – a game mode “team against a team.” Round continues until it reaches the maximum number of points, or until the time runs out.
  • Undermining – the mode in which a team attack and team defense. First goal – setting bombs, as well as protection from the other team. Once the bomb is set, the defense has time to defuse the bomb. Each player appears first killed the next round, after the explosion of a bomb or a successful clearance.
  • Glass – an interesting game mode, in which you need to win to break the glass underfoot opponent. Initially only available in round pistols. Other weapons you can pick up at the center of the map if there time to reach.
  • SeIzure – players are divided into 2 teams. The purpose of the round – to capture information from the camp of the opponent. In case of a successful operation, a point is awarded to the team attack. If the elapsed time, the winning team defense. In the case where all the players of the team are dead, the opposing team wins.

All in all, SKILL – Special Force 2 has been done over 20 unique cards. Balance of attack and defense in each of them met, no team will not receive benefits. Everything depends on the skill level of the game and weapons.

Interface Overview
Recently SKILL – Special Force 2 was completely Russified, so now there are no problems with the interface. Although before this genre fans understand where equipment is how you can buy weapons, armor or grenades. This Skill Special Force 2 survey we do not pay attention to each button. Would like to mention only one, as for me an interesting detail: SKILL you can play online in different game rooms, depending on your status in the game and selected game mode. There is room for VIP players, as well as a private room for championship games and clan games. As for online poker players, then there is always someone to run with and whom to shoot. And this despite the fact that the game is fairly new. You just need to click on the desired game server (Rookie, Bravo, Alfa) and go into the room.

The system in-game store
One of the main problems of shareware games that the player who wants to support the producer and buy products from the store, get a solid competitive advantage. In SKILL 2 – Special Force, according to the developers, this will not happen, and all the goods for real money will only affect the beauty of the game and unikalizatsiyu character. For the money, you can paint your weapons, buy bronze or silver “gun.” How it will happen is not entirely clear, but while in the store certain types of weapons are available only for the money. In performance, they are no superior free counterparts, but the fact remains. Want to play a unique weapon – pay. The main currency of the game – the gold that you will be issued periodically to achieve the next rank, and for killing enemies in every battle. The more and better you play (kill enemies), the more you get experience in battle. The game has a system of gift boxes from which you can knock out some useful stuff and unique weapons. These boxes can be bought for real money. They are also given for the purchase of VIP-account.

Before us was quite high-quality first-person shooter. Fresh graphics, high online, a variety of game modes and plenty of weapons. Work on the project is carried out, updates occur frequently, adding game content (maps, weapons and game modes). Tangible advantage donatery not get as a VIP account give an increase of game currency, and almost everything that is sold for cash, you can buy in-game currency. Our gaming portal recommends game SKILL – Special Force 2 all fans of the genre MMOFPS (online first person shooters). SKILL 2 also will be a good option for players who are just starting to get acquainted with online shooters. You can play in those rooms, where the level of opponents is not very high, which is ideal for learning.


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